Welcome to the official website of the Scottish Region of The Camping and Caravanning Club.

Region PennonScottish Region is made up of 6 District Associations (DA) and 2 Sections, which you will find links to, on our Blogroll.

As a member of The Club you can camp with any DA or section, whether you enjoy camping, caravanning, motor caravanning, backpacking or mountain walking there is a meet for you. Weekend activities and directions can be found within the Scottish Region Section of the ‘Out and About’. From this you will notice that weekend camp meets are within farmers fields, rally fields, commercial sites or Club Sites and camp fees reflect this and can vary between £4 – £15 per night.

52If you would like to go away for longer, why not try out Temporary Holiday Sites (THS),  these are run along the same as weekend meets, but you can stay anything from 2 days to 28 days. Scotland offers some great THS’s which can be found in the ‘Sites for Holiday’s’ section of the magazine or Scottish Region Fixture Book.

So why not make the most of your membership and try camping with your local DA or Section?

If you have any queries about the content of these pages, please feel free to contact the webmaster

Please note that all activities mentioned on this website are limited to members of the Camping and Caravanning Club. For further details about the club and how to join, visit the link below


Camping and Caravanning Club Contact:

If you would like to get in touch with the Club please use the following links.

Online Enquiry:

Link to online enquiry:

Club Website


Telephone: 0845 130 7631

Snail Mail:

  • The Camping and Caravanning Club
  • Greenfields House
  • Westwood Way
  • Coventry
  • CV4 8JH


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the official website of the Scottish Region of The Camping and Caravanning Club.

  1. Great news that Scottish Region youth have won the Austin Trophy for the second year running.
    Well done to all who took part and also all the helpers that made it all possible.

  2. Good afternoon
    Could you please send me your secretary’s email address So that I can forward you information on the NFOL 2019.
    Thank you

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