Region Council

Members of the council:

Honorary President:                  	John Anderson
Vice Presidents:                  	David Batty
					Billy Martin
					Pat McIlraith
Chairman:                            	Bill Dewar

Vice Chairman                         	John Johnstone

Honorary Secretary:                  	Janette Sandbach

Honorary Treasurer:                  	Colin Reid

PRO:                                 	Cathie Downie

Regional Youth Liaison Officers:       	Phil Grant & Sarah Martin 

Elected Councillors:  

John Little			        Tom Horner 

Cathie Downie				Phil Grant

John Johnstone                          Janette Sandbach	 			

Janet Clark				Bill Dewar		
Ralph Russell				Eddie Wright

Louise Russell

Appointed Councillors:

Edinburgh DA --------------------- George Strachan

Fife DA -------------------------- Louise Dewar

Glasgow DA ----------------------- Billy Cameron 

Grampian DA ---------------------- Ian Christie

Perth and Angus DA --------------- Louise Johnstone

Renfrew DA ----------------------- Una Horner

BCC ------------------------------ Frank Wolfe 

SAMCS  --------------------------- Andrew Wilson

Click here to contact: Region Secretary
                       Region PRO
                       Region Webmaster
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