Chairman’s Pitch

Bill Dewar

Hi Folks,
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bill Dewar, I was appointed Chairman of Scottish Region after the AGM which was held at the beginning of May. I would like to this opportunity to congratulate those who were re-elected onto Scottish Region Council and hopefully move the Region forward.
I hope that those of you who managed to make it to the Region Meet at Bridge of Allan had a good time despite the condition of the field. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we could do about the weather in the run up to the meet which caused the ground to be very soft.
Scottish Region, the DA’s and Sections all have a great mix of meets and temporary holiday sites planned for summer  located at different venues across Scotland. This gives a great opportunity for visitors, whether they be local or far travelled to see Scotland at its best. All the THS’s are listed on the Region fixture page with full details in the THS section of Out and About in the Club magazine.
This year more of the meets, particularly those on Club or commercial sites require booking in advance. To guarantee a pitch get in touch with the organising DA or Section as soon as you can. Don’t leave it to the last minute as pitches fill quickly and most of the site owners want to finalise pitch number at least two weeks before the meet starts.
My wife, Lorna, and I hope to meet up with on a field somewhere over the next few months. Enjoy your camping in 2020.
Bill Dewar
Scottish Region Chairman

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