Chairman’s Pitch


Scottish Region Chairman              Peter Brotherston and his wife Mary

As we all head into the winter months some of us put our vans away until the spring time, so I hope you busy yourselves with other things and enjoy your brake away from Caravanning.

For all the all weather campers I hope you enjoy your winter walks, New Year meets and of course the Region Dinner Dance.
I look forward to seeing you out and about somewhere.
There are many rallies organised for you in 2018 so check the out and about,the ALL DA web site on Facebook and the Region fixture book that is due out real soon. Advertising is a must for all DA’s to allow members to see what is out their.
As the new year comes in DA AGMs are upon us so please go along and support them also DAs are always looking for new committee members and stewards for the coming year. It would be great to get some younger members coming forward to ensure that DAs can continue.
At Region level it is time for members to think about coming forward also. For info contact Janette Sandbach Hon Reg Sec who will send you an application form, these need to be back to Janette by the end of January, so time is short.
On a personal note it would be great to see some young members coming forward to stand for Region.
Lastly I would like to thank everyone through the last year that did their wee bit to make meets etc the success that they have been,including the Region THS’s
Lastly can I please say a Happy Christmas and an even Merrier New Year to one and all.

Peter Brotherston
Region Chairman

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